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For want of a better title: Blog update #1

In spite of being abroad for the first seven months of this blog’s existence, I’ve managed to write ten reviews as well as hunt down some older reviews that were originally published elsewhere. Sadly it seems that my reviews for The Alien Online are lost to the ether, but there is a possibility that I may be able to recover them from an old hard drive. Fingers crossed!

In my absence, my Clarke Award competition prize arrived in the post, and so I will be working on reviewing the five short-listed books (and the first two parts of the Chaos Walking trilogy to give context to Monsters of Men) in due course. Better late than never right?

Before or after that, I plan to make good on a comment I made on Martin’s blog back in March about reviewing some of the many tie-ins that I have kicking around. I say “tie-ins” but what I really mean is “tie-ins written by Karen Traviss”, as the only ones I am able to find right now are her Republic Commando and Gears of War books. There’s also the Mass Effect and Halo tie-ins to tackle once I track them down, and in particular I look forward to seeing what Greg Bear does with his forthcoming trilogy on the Forerunners.

In other news, it’s the annual Strange Horizons fund drive and you should go and give them some money. Not only will you helping the best online sf magazine to continue publishing great fiction, poetry and reviews, you also stand a chance of winning some fabulous prizes. I’m ashamed to admit that I only read the reviews, but that shouldn’t stop you from browsing the rest of the site. Some favourite reviews of mine include Nic Clarke on The Privilege of the Sword, Martin Lewis on God of Clocks and Farah Mendlesohn on The Engineer Trilogy.